Thursday, March 17, 2011

What not to wear

Thanks for your comments regarding the arbor! I think I've come to a decision....I'm going to go with the fabric-draped arbor! Not sure if I'll use color fabric or not, but I just think it will be the right touch of whimsy. Or something like that.

I thought that deciding upon the arbor would open the gates to decision-making across the wrong I was. I still have so, so many decisions to make. So. Many. Decisions. But I have been making some progress! The biggest accomplishment is purchasing bridesmaids dresses. They're CUTE, let me tell ya. Now all we have to decide is what the boys are wearing, what shoes I'm going to wear, what kind of veil I'm wearing, how to decorate the mantle in the lodge, what's going on the aisle for the ceremony, what our programs will look like.....okay, so we've still got a way to go.

But the awesome news is...WE'RE GETTING OUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES TAKEN SOON! I'm. so. excited. We're getting them taken at Camp, where we met. Now the most pressing decision for me is....what the junk do I wear? Seriously. I love fashion and styling, but I'm so lost. Do we "theme" the shoot? If so, I'm not really up for wearing our Camp gear; Chacos and Nike shorts aren't exactly the most "bride-like" attire. We're probably going to bring a quilt to the shoot (I know, kind of engagement-cliche but I like it) and Fiance's going to bring his ukulele, but other than that I really have no ideas.We've thought about doing a picnic-y type thing, with me baking some treats and what not, but I didn't know if that was too much. So, again, I'm asking for your help! I do have an idea on one outfit but still need help. I've been making some style boards on Polyvore but am still open to suggestions! I'm lookin' to this gal for style inspiration, too. Because she's adorable. And I love her.

Also, do you think I should get my make-up done for this? Seriously. It's a pretty well-known fact that I'm, well, less than skilled with makeup. Also known as if I leave the house with anything more than mascara and blush it's a good day. I've been debating this for a while and didn't know if that was too much.

So help a sista out. Let me know what I should wear! I know that you're not completely familiar with my closest (thank goodness) but generics work well, too! Looking forward to your opinions. I know I've got some super-stylish friends out there.


  1. I had a friend do my make up Kay because well we all know that I cant do make up well either!!! Bring two different outfits with you, one more casual and one more fancy that way you can get pictures with both. In our pictures we took one hour of shooting with a dress and jacob with a polo and nice jeans and the next hour with Jeans and a nice shirt. Just a thought so you can get some variety. love ya. Your wedding is going to be beautiful!

  2. Oh, my. I think I agree with your friend. I had a hard time picking out clothes for my kids senior pics so I know what you mean. LOve, Love, Love the picnic idea!!!

    Now I'm going to tell you that you are gorgeous the way you are. Every time I see you I admire your red hair and blue eyes. BUT, I look back at my wedding pics and wonder why someone didn't put some makeup on me. Okay, I was barely 19, but I wish I would have had a little more than blush and mascara. So ask one of your good friends to do you a favor and make you even more beautiful with makeup magic!

  3. Have Avery do your make up for you! What good is a bridesmaid if she can't help you out?

  4. Kayla,

    When we had our engagments done, we wore two outfits, one was just jeans and v necks, and toms, and to be quite honest...those are my favorites! We also took a set with Landon wearing a button up with jeans and me wearing jeans and a fun sweater, I decided I wanted to look normal, wearing stuff that I wear any day (of course on a cute day) but I didn't want to look like I was trying to hard. As for the make up, the lady who is doing my make up for the wedding included engagements in the package and she's great! It's Faccia Bella if you're looking for recommendations...hope this helps!