Monday, March 7, 2011

Help, prease?

In my hunt for all things wedding, I've noticed that I gravitate towards decorations that could be considered "whimsical." The problem, however, is that they also could be considered "childish" or "trashy." There's a very, very fine line between these adjectives. And I feel like I'm gravitating towards the "trashy."


A source of major concern is the arbor. Do I want to decorate with real flowers? Do I want to decorate with streamers? Pom pom streamers? Honeycomb balls hung on streamers? Chiffon draped over the arbor? The answer is yes. To all of them.

Honestly, I think my main concern is this: I don't want people to think that I'm taking my marriage lightly. Believe me, I understand that marriage is a blessing, but I also acknowledge that it takes work. Lots of work. Fiance and I are under no illusions that marriage will always be hunky dory; it takes time to adapt to living with another person, and even 50 years down the line it will still be difficult.

But does that mean I can't have loads of tissue paper and streamers everywhere? I honestly don't know. As a couple, fiance and I aren't exactly the most serious people. And by that, I mean we're goofy. All de timez lolz (Too much? Yeah, I figured.). So at the reception, I know we can get away with having some fun little decorations around. But is it pushing it to have them at the ceremony?

Basically, I need your help. Do we go pseudo-traditional and have flowers on the arbor? Or do we go with the whimsical-ness of streamers and pom poms? Or do we combine a little of both, with chiffon-like fabric and some other decorations? I'm letting (read: begging) y'all help decide!

So here's what the arbor looks like (it's from behind but you get the idea). It's kind of pixelated, but it can be found here:

And here are the options (click on the links for bigger pictures!):
This was my original idea for the arbor. Simple and sweet. I still love it. If you need picture inspiration, check her photos out. I LOVE them.

These are some garlands made of dyed coffee filters. I love this. In different colors, I think it would be beautiful!

Ohhh my dear, I love this, too. In shades of light pink and turquoise? Yes, please.

Oh doilies. My weakness. So pretty. Can you picture garlands of these? I can.

So I know these are on a car, but can I still think it would be super cute on an arbor!
...and then there's these. This one's the perfect color, and this one's just plain gorgeous.

So what do you think? Which one do you think would look the best with my whimsical wedding? Looking forward to hearing your opinions!


  1. Well Miss Kayla,
    I love them all! I think if done in the right way you can do all of them together :)So pretttyyyyyyyyy!


  2. Okay, you asked. I think I would go with the fabric draped arbor. Just because you can add more color that way. And I think I like the rough edges softened up with the fabric. Love the flowers too. But again, do what you love!!!

  3. If people attempt to judge your views of marriage based on decor, slap them. Actually, I will slap them. You decorate HOW YOU WANT and I'll slap the dumbos who have nothing better to do than whine about pompoms and doillies.

  4. I love the flowers on the arbor in the first picture. And the coffee filter flowers and pom poms would be so cute at the reception. BTW - what time is your wedding going to be? We just found out Maddie is leaving that same day for Europe.

  5. If people judge your idea of marriage based on your decor, that's their problem. And OBVIOUSLY that means they don't know you very well...
    Since you asked for an opinion... I really like the way the fabric is wrapped on the last picture...
    MISS YOU! Can't wait to see you!!