Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's all in the details

I think the most-received piece of wedding advice I've heard so far is "Don't worry about the details. It will all come together!" While that may be true, I think it's the details that I have the most fun planning.

Each wedding, naturally, varies completely based upon the couple; 10 girls could all have the exact same colors, dresses, flowers, tuxes, etc., and I still believe the end result would differ completely. It's the details that make the wedding unique! I know that weddings should focus on marriage, and I think too often the decorations and planning center too much on the bride. But even when I lose sight of what the wedding is really for, a celebration for the beginning of a new journey, it's the details that bring me back to earth; the details are what make the celebration individual to us.

I can tell you right now that there will be at least 3-4 weddings that you've seen in the past year or will see before mine that will look similar to what ours will look like: mismatched centerpieces (complete with blue mason jars, of the biggest trends in weddings this year, I guar-an-tee), bunting banners, khaki suits...yes, you'll have seen it before and will see it again at our wedding. But what you won't see at others will be the details that Fiance and I have specifically chosen to fit us. And I like that, knowing that he and I made these decisions together that will set our ceremony apart from others and make it uniquely ours.

Will other people notice the differences? Maybe, maybe not. But it will make the day easier, more fun for me when I know that certain things have been chosen simply because he and I thought it would be "us", cute, or just plain funny. Some of these small details you'll probably hear about beforehand, others you won't, simply because I like the element of surprise at my wedding. What's the fun of knowing ahead of time? I want you to at least be able to have something to do! Other than eat delicious food, of course.

I will give you a sneak peak, though....are you ready? Brace yourself.

I love this bride's hair. I won't have the giant flower, though. Not NEAR gutsy enough for that. You should check out the rest of this gallery. It's amazing! And in Oklahoma, too! Love. It.
I know that's not a big detail, but to me, it's a detail just the same. What are some of the details you cherished the most/will cherish the most at your wedding?


  1. I can't wait! I love mismatched centerpieces, btw. The hairstyle is beautiful!

  2. Hey I know both of these people! Her hair is beautiful!