Thursday, December 2, 2010

Registering and Le Creuset

I've been told on more than one occasion that registering for wedding schtuff single-handedly makes up the most stressful part of wedding planning...I can understand that, but why? Is it because of conflicting decorating styles? (Probably.) The groom-to-be registering for silly things like frozen food? (Most likely.) Or is it because the future bride wants anything and everything she sees? (There we go.)

I know that the registering process won't begin for Fiancee and I for a while, but I still find myself taking notes at Target. From bath towels to a new Wii, I picture our future life together which, by the way, is always EXTREMELY well-decorated and always involves food. But I bet you could guess that already. But the question I find myself asking the most is "What exactly are we allowed to register for?" Am I really allowed to register for a Wii? Or do I just stick with the normal bedding and kitchenware items?

And then I begin to wonder, how much is too much? How many place settings to I register for? 8? 12? Do I dare register at Williams-Sonoma, hoping and praying that someone gets me a Le Creuset 5 1/2 quart round dutch oven in Caribbean, only to be disappointed because I know it's way too expensive? Do I register for every-day dishes AND china?

Then, I thump myself on the head, knowing that I always ask way too many questions and stress out way too soon. You register for what you need, Kayla. Not what you want. Even though a Wii would be SUPER nice (hello, instant Netflix), I know that's not something Fiancee and I need from the beginning. We have our laptops, we'll have a TV, and that should be enough.

Plus, Christmas is coming up. So maybe the things we want and don't necessarily need could be asked for now. Or, let's be real, I don't have any problem hitting up eBay for a used Wii. No shame.

So for now I'll just take notes, looking at the things we'll need (like dishes) and not what we (okay I) want (like a Le Creuset 5 1/2 quart round dutch oven in Caribbean). But that leaves me with a question...what are things you wish you had registered for? Or maybe wish you hadn't? Did you regret registering for both china and every-day plates? (That's seriously a battle in my head). Or did you regret registering for too much? I'm all ears for words of wisdom.

I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

And just in case you were wondering....this is a Le Creuset 5 1/2 quart round dutch oven in Caribbean. Just in case you needed a visual.

Beautiful, ain't she?


  1. Everyone continually tells me to register for absolutely anything you want. But, you can also add to your registry any time. So once you have your shower and realize a lot was bought then you can add in anything that you had placed on the back burner for the moment. So I say go for it! That dutch oven is great!

  2. hey...thanx for letting me think about something besides Christmas for a moment!

    I'm with Amber, register for anything and everything. I'm just disappointed when everything is bought on the registry and I don't know what to get someone. Or the only things left on the list are $$$

    Answer to your other questions: Do you see yourself using both china and regular dishes? Did your mother use both? My Mom rarely used her china so I got Noritake stoneware and have never regretted it, 27 years later! BUT Dan started buying me Christmas china a few years into our marriage, so now I have a complete set of that, too.

    One other thing: when choosing your silverware, hold it in your hand and see how you like it. I use my forks a lot for mixing up things and one set I received (that I did not request, but used anyway) had a pointed edge at the end of the handle. Whenever I used those forks for mixing I hated them because they cut into my palm. Make sense? Pick silverware that feels good in your hand!!!

  3. Hey girl, this is something that actually was NOT stressful for Jacob and I. We mostly registered for things we did need like dishes (we didnt register for china because there was no need for them in our lives and we would never use it). BUT we also registered for just a few things we wanted. We tried to not go overboard and we actually had fun doing it. So no stressing allowed. It will all be ok! Love ya.

  4. for sure 12 place settings. thats my biggest regret...wish i had 12 not 8! register for a wii, whats the worst thing that would won't get it??? no big deal! also, whatever you register for at these places you will get like 20% off or something like that a few months after the you can go back and get it at a discount with all the gift cards you get! thats a bonus for sure!

  5. The only reference i really have is that Kyle registered for Oreos and a Wii. . . .well he got the Oreos.
    Randall and Kass also registered for camping gear (not that you would per se), but it was a want and they got it. Now they can go camping and do what they enjoy.
    This is your one chance where you can be ridiculous about something and no one will think anything of it. . . .and if they do you can just tell them to eat it because its your wedding stuff and you do what you want. :)

  6. This makes me feel a little better about daydreaming about a Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer. :)