Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just a boy and a girl in a little canoe...

So, here we are. I'M GETTING MARRIED! And instead of creating a whole new blog, I decided I'd be frugal (what?) and just re-use my old one. It was lonely and neglected.

ANYWAY. This won't be limited just to wedding-ness, I'll still be posting recipes (no, really this time) and other things. But since wedding planning is the most recent, let's start with that.

First: I HAVE A DATE! September 3rd, 2011. Mark it down. I know that it's Labor Day weekend, but you have a year notice. You'll be fine. Promise. Second: I HAVE A VENUE! It's amazing. They're amazing. I basically get to do whatever I want with the lodge, which I LOVE! Except touch the chandeliers...which have shotguns on them. I like to think that it adds character....right? There will also be some surprises in regards to the location. But I'll let you find those out when you see them in person! I'm tricky like that. Third: I HAVE BRIDESMAIDS! And I love them. I didn't exactly ask them in a creative way (or even ask them at all...sorry Emmy and Becky) but they're all in! Which is good, otherwise I would be a very depressed bride-to-be.

Now that we've got all that out of the way, you should probably know a couple of things...a) I will be asking for advice on a lot of things. I'm the first to get married from my family and am severely lacking in the wedding etiquette department. That, and I've got crazy tunnel vision and when I want something I narrow in on it, even if it's tacky. So PLEASE, give me your honest opinions!! b) This is basically going to be a completely DIY affair. Why not? I've got a year. So if I stumble on something amazing, I'll be sure and share.

So I guess to conclude my post, I do have a question: since my wedding is 367 days away (what? judge.), do I start planning decorations now? Or do I wait until March-ish?

Le sigh. I just don't know these things.

I do know one thing, though. I'm crazy excited to spend the rest of my life with this guy.


  1. kayla. first, you're so cute. second, so excited for you to be married. third, wait wait wait to start planning decorations. i promise you will probably change your mind multiple times on just about everything. save yourself the headache and wait a little while.

  2. wahoooo! LOVE your blog! so excited for the wedding!!!!

  3. First off, I am with Brin... you are so cute! I wish I could be there and sit down and talk to you and hear the excitement in your voice.
    As for wedding stuff, do what you want, how you want. This is YOUR day. This is the one chance to do exactly what you want, dreamed of. Who cares if it is different? You are different - make it uniquely yours.
    My only REAL advice is get excellent marriage counseling. The wedding at best only last a few hours; the marriage lasts a lifetime. Spend more time and energy on it. It will be well worth it.
    Know I love you! Ronda

  4. KAYLA ANN!!!!!
    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY for Sept 3, 2011... because THAT means i can come! HOORAY!!!! (as long as i'm invited... haha) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep up w/ this blog so I can hear all about your wedding planning since i can't be there while it's happening! love you and SO excited for you!!

  5. How did I not know about your blog? I love it! You are precious and this guy is so lucky and will probably gain like 20 pounds in your first year of marriage eating all your good cookin' That's why I don't' cook - I'm trying to save my husbands life (the Lashleys do have a history of high cholesterol which does lead to heart attacks....).

  6. You are precious. I can't wait for Sept! :) If you need anything, I'm only a message away. :)

  7. amen to ronda! i learned sooooo much in counseling.... so much that you WILL use (you will think those people telling you... how to act, what to say, what it means when he says this and she says that, and what IS going to happen ..are crazy at the time)! they aren't really crazy, they are RIGHT!! I have only been married a little over a year and kendall and i both have used the wisdom from our counselors & mentors so much! well worth it to start your marriage off on the right foot.