Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saying "Yes! Well, maybe. What do you think? You're right, this is it! Isn't it?" to the dress

The wedding dress, I would venture to say, is the part of the wedding that little girls dream about the most, and the part that newly engaged women look forward to.

I am not that girl. This is the part that I am dreading. It's not because I'm worried about how I will look or how expensive the dress is going to be, although those are important factors. I'm worried because I don't think I'll be able to pick just one. What if I find "the one" and then later decide it's not? What if I find one and think it's the one, only to find a more "the one" one later? WHAT IF I DON'T FIND ONE AT ALL?

Welcome to the mind of the most indecisive girl on earth. I can't even make up my mind when I go to Chick Fil A (it's all chicken, Kayla. How hard is that?), so needless to say the dress experience is making me a little bit anxious. I thought I knew what I wanted, but everyone said that when you try on what you want you'll hate it. So then I started looking at gowns that I didn't like, but that doesn't even make sense, does it?

And then comes the style question: do I want trendy? classy? sassy? ivory? white? strapless? a-line? mermaid? all of the above?

Maybe I'm nervous because the wedding dress is at times more the focal point than the bride herself; this one component can single-handedly make or break whether or not the bride looks....well, like a bride. The dress is supposed to reflect the bride's personality as well. So that would mean mine would be....awkward. Really, really awkward. And indecisive. Which means it will have all kinds of crazy elements in all the wrong spots.

Not exactly my idea of a pretty gown.

But, regardless of my anxiety, I must go at some point. And when I do, I know that eventually, somewhere out there, there will be a dress for me. And it will be pretty. And I will love it and [hopefully] never look back.

I also know that there will be chocolate involved in the celebration of finding the dress or in the post-defeat shopping trips.

So, I guess this is actually a win-win situation, right? Well then. Maybe I'll go shopping sooner than I thought.


  1. I can't wait to go dress shopping with you. Simply for the fact that its going to be soooo entertaining... and bc you WILL find one that YOU love...but before you find the will be entertaining! I love you Kay Kay.

  2. Oh, I really think you'll know it when you find it! Good luck!